• Conducting payment of ongoing household bills and staff salaries
  • Overseeing and being point of contact for any ongoing works/improvements
  • Point of contact for domestic issues, electrical fault, alarm, flood...
  • Maintaining insurances (household, vehicle, personal belongings, health) and assisting with claims
  • Creating new and updating current filing systems
  • Mail management
  • Booking couriers

Family and Social

  • Agenda management
  • Health and Beauty bookings
  • Restaurant, theatre, concert and other social bookings 
  • Arranging flowers and gifts to be sent on client's behalf
  • Insuring payment of school fees/children's tutors is effected in a timely manner
  • Managing children's extra curricular calendars




  • Worldwide travel bookings to client specifications
  • Resolving any issues whilst travelling




  • Cataloging art collection
  • Maintaining art insurance
  • Liaising with galleries/exhibitors regarding loans on clients' behalf
  • Overseeing installation and arranging transport

Trusted Partnerships

From my 12 years' experience as an executive assistant, I have accumulated an invaluable network of contacts across multiple industries from domestic plumbers and electricians to children's entertainers to personal stylists and contemporary art advisors. My organisational skills and attention to detail are an asset, however the contacts I have made along the way are my most advantageous resource. - Samantha Harris, Founder of 2ic


Should any administrative request required not be listed above, I am happy to discuss this with you during our initial consultation